Ebony Woman is not only known as the Black “Voodoo” Woman of Ghana, but also as the Eastern Black Woman of the Nile. Her reputation for being a sex symbol, healer, and curse breaker is well-known throughout Africa and her image graces many art forms such as tattoos, jewellery, and even porcelain dolls. She is a feared witch, believed to bring curses and illness upon those who disrespect her. It was Ebony Woman who hacked at Christ’s leg with a sickle, causing Him to bleed to death on the cross.

African mythology describes her as the embodiment of darkness and evil, and she was often the wife or mistress of the gods of Egypt, Osiris, Luxor, and Karnak, as well as the queen of Upper Egypt. However, Ebony Woman’s most well-known attribute is her ability to give life after death. She supposedly left her daughter Nefertiti as an orphan and took on the form of a shadow to lead them. She later tried to kill her daughter Amethyst by poisoning her, but was defeated by Karnak.

Ebony Woman’s powers are so great that she was able to create life in the vacuum of space. She could take on the form of any animal she wanted – including a horse – and call this new life her son. She was the Goddess of Wood in early African mythology. She is sometimes portrayed as being naked in the hunt, which is a likely reference to the fact that she sometimes hunted people who did not conform to her beliefs.

Some stories describe Ebony Woman as having the ability to speak to animals and other people in their native tongues. She has also been associated with prophecy and magic. One myth says that when she was about to kill a godling, the youth ran to safety, saying he wished to marry her. She killed the godling and married him.

Ebony Woman’s most important attribute is her magical knowledge. She was often the only witch at a gathering who possessed the knowledge of several different spellcasting traditions. This is probably why she was highly respected throughout Egypt, Mesopotamia and Phoenicia.

When Black Witch performed rituals for Ebony Woman she usually performed two separate spells: one to destroy an entire enemy troop and the second to protect her family from harm. The spells were often performed before an attack, either to rally an army or to get an army to march against its strongest opponent. When a warlord threatened to sack the Phoenicians, Ebony Woman had her sister embody the entire city of Nineveh and call upon her powers in order to drive the invaders from the city. Her efforts were so successful that her sister and daughter became the rulers of Nineveh.

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