Prostitution flourished extensively in Italy during the Middle Ages. In 13ce, the city of Savona proclaimed prostitution illegal, and most of the Accompagnatrici Savona reached high social ranking in Savona, especially in the Renaissance era. However, during the Renaissance period, when there was a great social ferment, the demand for prostitution rose. The nobility started to patronise it, and by the fifteenth century, entire cities in Italy were full of these prostitutes.

By the sixteenth century, the number of street prostitutes had swelled to an unbelievable number. Urbanization caused an even greater population growth of poor women in cities like Rome, Genoa, Turin, Venice, Milan, Palermo, Florence, Bologna, and Pisa. Because of the poverty of the population in those cities, the police force was weak and the victims of prostitution in Rome and other cities were easily preyed upon and molested by the richer, local women. Many of these were young girls from the age of twelve to sixteen. These girls were forced into prostitution by their own family members and even by acquaintances.

The first official suppression of prostitution in Italy occurred in 1494 when texture of the duke of Florence was restored to nature without any pay, but instead for bread and fish. The last official attempt to suppress the prostitution in Italy occurred in 1588, during the reign of Phillip II. This time, however, the result was worse than before because the Catholic Church used force to suppress all efforts of making women financially independent of their husbands. Even the daughters of noble families were compelled to become prostitutes. The last official measure of suppressing prostitution in Italy, however, resulted in the death of thousands of street children who were brought into town to perform the sexual services of the rich and famous.

Today, prostitution in Savona continues its dangerous and degenerate phase. Prostitution is legal in almost all the cities and towns of Italy, including the island of Sicily, which was under Italian military rule for thirty years. Besides the cities, there are hundreds of brothels throughout Italy. Some of them are very old and some of them are still operating, as they have been for many centuries. These brothels have no rules and regulations and anyone can enter and empty their pockets. The younger girls who work in them earn about sixty dollars an hour.

The problem of prostitution in Savona has aggravated lately because of the worsening economic conditions. The number of abandoned and starving women has increased dramatically, while the number of new ones has also been increasing. In addition, the number of trafficking victims has also been on the increase and several hundred youths who were put in prison after being lured to Italy by organized criminals have perished in custody. In order to prevent this situation from worsening any further, Italian society needs to take effective steps and provide help to the victims and the needy victims of prostitution in Italy.

The main way of preventing prostitution in Italy is by putting a price on the girls’ lives. Any person who enters an Italian woman’s house or apartment and buys a girl for prostitution can be charged with a fine, with compulsory imprisonment for a number of years, or with both. The government should also create awareness among the Italian people and media about the causes of prostitution and the need to prevent it. The NGOs that are working in the direction of assisting the victims of prostitution in Italy must be encouraged so that they can continue their important work.

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